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Colfis Society information

Name: Coastland Fishing Society (Colfis) in Somalia

Description: Coastland Fishing Society (Colfis) organized in 16th September, 2004 it is the first fishing organization (LNGO) established in Somalia since 1999 it’s objectives are conservation, development, and wise use and practice, and exchange and dissemination of knowledge about fish, fisheries, and related subjects, persons interests in the society and it’s objectives are eligible for membership.

Somali Coast-land Society Information

With the abdication of President Siad Barre in 1989, the country of Somalia was thrown in a state of anarchy. The county is currently ruled by a series of warlords each holding a small section of the country. The rival factions have been at war with each other since the mid-eighties and a mission by the United Nations to stabilize the country has now ended in apparent political failure. The war led to a serious famine that was solved by the intervention. Less publicized was the exploitation of the Somali crisis by firms who specialize in the disposal of hazardous waste.

Somalia and its Coast-land Societies have been seriously affected by civil-war which started on May 1988 in north-west and then spread central and southern part of the country. The break down of low and order after the previous government was overthrown has created a massive devastation of human lives as well as destruction of both public and privet properties. Coast-land Society was the most war affected groups.

The innocent victims of the Coast-land Society were subjected famine, fear, restriction, insecurity, as well as displacement in and outside of the country that require separate and urgent attention due to that as we are Coastland Fishing Society (Colfis) in Somalia has established this Non-governmental Organization, (LNGO) for development and to restore the activities of fishing operations in the Coast-lands Somalia.

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