Welcome Coastland Fishing Society (COLFIS) For Somalia


•  Name: C o astland Fishing Society (C o lfis) in Somalia

•  Type1: Non-Benefit and Non- Governmental Organization(LNGO)

•  Type2: Development throughout the long coast of Somalia which the near

future will be Extended Africa coasts.

•  Place Founded: it was founded in Mogadishu Somalia

•  Date founded: On 16 th September in year 2004

•  Founders: 1) Mr. Hassan Mataan Ali: 2) Mohamed Osman Sufi:

•  Area/location: it was implement throughout Somalia Coast-lands and wherever necessary in the future.

•  Address at head quarter: Head office Mogadishu Somalia Tell: 2525-930209 E-mail: colfis60@lycos.com

9) The Chairman and Address: Mr. Hassan Mataan Ali: Tell: 2525930209 Mb E-mail: mataan29@yahoo.com

•  Representative and Contac person's Address:

Mr. Muumin Hussein Mohamed: Tell: 614-8532864, Columbus USA, E-mail: mhm123us@yahoo.com

•  Name of Board of Directors:

•  Mr. Hassan Mataan Ali: Chairman: Tell: 2525-930209 E-mail: mataan29@yahoo.com

•  Aadan A/laahi Hassan: Vice chairman: 2521- 500063 E-mail: acxasan@yahoo.com

•  Mohamed Osman Sufi: Coordinator and Contac person's Address: E –mail: kuruuf4@yahoo.com

•  Lul Mohamud Afrah: Secretary Tell: 2525-932159 E-mail: shabelo1@yahoo.com

•  Ali Bashir Qasim: Security: Tell: 2521- 578705Mb/ E-mail: Mansoor05@hotmail.com

•  Mohamed Abdi Mohamed: Consultant Tell: 2525-930064 E –mail: guledgorey@lycos.com

• Eng. Da'ud Hajji Osman: Technical Tell: 2521-576369 E –mail: daudihaji10@yahoo.com

•  Name of Task Forces:

1) A/kadir Siidow Handulle: program officer E-mail: kofip60@hotmail.com

2) A/rashiid warsame haayow: Information Tell: 2521-228776

3) Haliimo Mohamed gaabow: secretary E-mail: xaliimoyareey10@hotmail.com

4) Suldaano Abdulle Jim ‘ale: Storing Tell: 2525-942245

5) Asho malaaq Mahdi: Transportation

6) Saadaq yuusuf Jim'ale: Treasure

7) Hassan Mohamed Ali: Fish nutrition E-mail: Colfistore@yahoo.com

8) Maadey Hassan Ja'ma: Training

9) Olad dhoore faarah: Research

10) Qaalid Hassan keyre: Production Tell: 2521-218304


a) To encourage the fishermen to take their role of increasing fishing operation throughout Somali coasts where special emphasis will be given the poor fishermen living in the coast-lands
b) The mandate given by (Colfis) in Somalia is committed to working with its members, and to forgoing closer and more effective partnerships with national and international organizations, the private sectors and civil society to achieve long and short term sustainable result in the fisheries sectors.

  Vision statement:

A)Building capacity of current and future fisheries professionals in Somalia and wherever possible worldwide.

B)Increasing public and political awareness of the light of our ocean aquatic resources.

C)Promote on the ground projects that demonstrate how to accomplish management successes.

Mission statement:

A) To improve the conservation and sustainable of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals throughout Somalia coast-lands.

B) To promote a better understanding of marine and fresh water fishery resources among fishery users, the general public, and political decision-makers, and to encourage the enlightened management of fisheries resources for their optimum use and enjoyment by the public.

Code of conduct:

A) Commitment and trust ship.

B) Transparency and team working

C) Leadership and networking


* By facilitating throughout Somali coast-lands exchanges of ideas among member organizations and among the individual members of the organization.

* By creating and maintaining contacts among member organizations and by encouraging the adoption of common practices and policies, and by promoting the dissemination and application of all information.

* By cooperating with national and international scientific and technical fisheries organizations, and by encouraging the introduce of uniformity of nomenclature and standardization in matters such as information storage and retrieval.

* To promote international cooperation in fisheries science conservation and management, and by organizing meeting particularly Somali coast-lands fisheries.


* The goal of Coastland Fishing Society is to inject science into resource conservation decisions by facilitating the following types of activities.

* Assemble issue-oriented task forces to coordinate problem-solving activities.

* Develop curricula for primary and secondary schools.

* Produce and distribute public information materials.

*Provide science-based assistance to conservation programs.


Coastland Fishing Society in Somalia is organizing into units that represent geographical interests (division and chapters) as well as units that represent discipline and issue oriented interests (section and committees) Coastland Fishing Society consists of four geographical divisions across ras-caseyr and rascamponi of the 3333km of Somali coast, the division facilitates information exchange, out reach and aquatic stewardship at regional levels, and maintains a liaison with regional resource stakeholders.

The officers of each division serve on the societies Governing-Board and are active leaders in directing Somali coastland fishing society advisement of goals and activities.

Within the four divisions, there are 60 local chapters and several students that serve member needs in local and provincial state area.

Sections: Coastland Fishing Society also has at least 22 sections organized discipline and political interests.

The section stimulates information exchange and activities related to specific interests and provide expertise to coastland society and other organizations.

Committees: Coastland Fishing Society has a number of standing and special committees that serve a variety of interests of Somali coastland society, some committees address arrangement for conferences, Awards, membership and membership concerns, in the near future we hope to establish other committees address scientific topics and professional needs such as; Names of aquatic living things, resource policy, the precious minerals beneath Somali coast-lands as well as the endangered fish species, and pollution.

Strategic Plane of Coastland Fishing Society (Colfis) Somalia from 2005-2006

a) To encourage the fisheries to take their role of increasing fishing operation throughout Somali coast-lands, by providing seminars, training, workshop etc, and by introducing modern fishing system in order to improve their fishing experience toward their skills.

b) To be created small and large scale project as well as distribution of fishing materials and equipments to the poorest fisheries living in the coast-lands and surveillance to determine the feasibility of costs of long term rehabilitation of fishing operation.

c) Protection of Somali long coasts the problem of pollution- over fishing ,etc and re-establishment of local fish markets in order to introduce the people the usefulness of eating fish for health and physical fitness.

d) To be created awareness the a above mentioned planes by establishment monthly news which will be introduced the activity of Coastland Fishing Society (Colfis) and to find a system to collaborate local and international organization who involve fishing activities of fishing operation.

Policy: the mandate given by (Colfis) is committed to working with its members, and to forgoing closer and more effective partnerships with national and international organizations, the private sectors and civil society to achieve long and short term sustainable result in the fisheries sectors.

Memorandum Colfis Somalia

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