Volume 1- Number2- September 01/09/2005 Monthly CBNews Bulletin Somalia
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Volume 1- Number1- August 01/08/2005 Page-1-22More  

Our Partners Global Environment Facility... Page-33More

Pirate fishing kills ocean life Just borrow a leave from Somalia... Page-23More Pirates, Warlords and Rogue Fishing Vessels in Somalia's Unruly Seas... Page-34More
INFORMATION ON FISHERIES MANAGEMENT IN THE SOMALI REPUBLIC... Page-24More Somalia's first national census was taken in February 1975... Page-35More

The Estimates of the Demersal Resources Biomass estimates ...Page-25More

New project to improve information on trends in world fisheries ...Page-36More

THE FISHERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MOF is responsible for all fishery ...Page-26More

FAO helping Sri Lankan fishers rebuild their livelihoods ...Page-37More
Current status of marine fisheries in Somalia ... ...Page-27More

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) has members in 70 countries...Page-38More

ENVIRONMENT-SOMALIA: Local Fishermen Battle Foreign Trawlers ... Page-28More Welcome to the Home of the International Fisheries Section ... Page-39More
Essay Sample on "The Environmental Crisis and the People Crisis"... Page-29More An urgent message and appeal from the American Fisheries Society... Page-40More
Table 1 gives details of the fishing stations. The echo recordings were... Page-30More Fisheries and Natural Resource Related Sites...Page-41More
Many of the world's poorest people depend on fish .... Page-31More Foreign Sources of Information on Fish and Fisheries...Page-42More
Reconciling Fisheries with Conservation: The Challengeof ManagingGFEMN...Page-32More NORTHWEST ATLANTIC FISHERIES ORGANIZATION SEEKS ....... Page-43More
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