International Fisheries Society of the world

American Fisheries Society (AFS)
Global Fisheries Ecosystem Management Network (GFEMN)
Fisheries Research Board of Canada (FRBC)
Fisheries Society British Isles (FSBI)
Fisheries and Wildlife Department Australia (FULDA)
Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO)
General Fisheries Council Mediterranean (GFCM)
Group of Expert’s Scientific Aspects Marine Pollution (GESAMP)
Department of Fisheries and Forestry Canada (DFFC)
Fisheries Laboratory England (FLE)
FAO Fisheries Department (COFI)
South Asian fisheries center (SAFC)
Indian Society Fisheries professionals (ISFP)
Fisheries research institute (FRI)
Environment protection Agency (EPA)
Environment protection board Sweden (EPBS)
Council for mutual economic assistance (CMEA)
European Economic Community (EEC)
Institute Marine Research (IMR)
International Council of Exploration of the Sea (ICES)
Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation (CERF)
Australian Society for Fish Biology (ASFB)
Global environment Facility (GEF)
Inter-governmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)
United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP)
National Administration Atmosphere (NAA)


National Board of Fisheries (NBF)

World Fish Center (WFC)

International Fisheries Section(AFS)

World Fisheries Congress

World Bank (WB)


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Jessica Geubtner
Policy and Development Coordinator (AFS )
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